SQLWeb Worksheet 3000 User's Guide


This application is a Java web application. This means it is meant to run on a Java-based web server (like: Tomcat, Resin, Orion, JRun, etc). It was designed to allow anyone with semi-modern browser (IE 6+, FF2+, etc) access/maintain any SQL-compliant database that has a valid type 4 JDBC driver. Out of the box, it supports: Oracle 8.0+, SQLServer 6.5+, Informix (not sure of version #), and MySQL 3.3+ (?). Given time, I'd like to add built-in support for other Open Source Databases or Commercial Databases that have free JDBC drivers. There is a built in configuration INI file that you can modify to add support for any other JDBC driver.

Whether manually deployed or dropped in as a .war file (war file is just a java jar file of the app in the right directory structure), the app is pretty easy to set up. When you go to http://MACHINE/sqlworksheet/ you get to the start page and go from there. Sorry guys, I had to use some pop-ups so you can't have Javascript disabled if you want to use this app ... but I promise no advertising here ... just, hopefully, increased productivity.


  1. Install a JSP/Servlet engine (I recommend Resin at www.caucho.com but the old standby of Tomcat will work just fine too).
  2. Drop the war file into the webapps directory (or equivalent depending on the JSP/Servlet engine).
  3. Start up the JSP/Servlet engine (you now have the MACHINE running as a web server.
  4. Go to http://MACHINE/sqlworksheet/ where MACHINE is the machine you are running your JSP/Servlet engine at (assuming port 80, some engines default the configuration to use port 8080).
  5. Choose the Worksheet or Tables display and click the Enter button.
  6. Click 'Make New Connection' and type in the required information for you database.
  7. Now you should be connected and be ready to query away.
  8. Click Quit to end the session.


Get the latest release of the app at http://sqlweb3000.sourceforge.net/.